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Australia Asia
Australia Asia

Australia Asia Airlines (IATA: IM, ICAO: AAU, Call sign: Austasia) (澳亞航空公司 Àoyà Hángkōng Gōngsī) was a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas set up to operate services between Australia and Taiwan in the Republic of China.

The subsidiary was established due to the People's Republic of China objection to national carriers of countries with which it had diplomatic relations flying to a territory that it regarded as a breakaway province. Similar arrangements were made by British Airways, KLM, Swissair and Japan Airlines amongst others.

The airline operated two Boeing 747SP's and a Boeing 767 aircraft seconded from the Qantas fleet, repainted in a modified livery, which did not display the Flag of Australia, or the kangaroo logo, which was replaced by a dynamic ribbon. It initially flew its flights using the IATA code IM but switched to Qantas's QF in 1994.

Australia Asia Airlines ceased operations in 1996 as Qantas could by then serve Taiwan in its own right due to it being completely privatized. Australia Asia Airline's aircraft were then returned to Qantas service. However, Qantas has since ceased flying to Taiwan, and now codeshares with EVA Air from Brisbane.

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Boeing B 767-338ER Australia Asia Airlines 1990 VH-OGA
"1990s" Colors. Named "City of Whyalla".
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