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Air Charter International
Air Charter International

Air Charter was a French charter airline that operated from 1966 to 1998.

Air Charter was a subsidiary of Air France and was established on 7 February 1966 under the name SAFA- Societé Aérienne Française d'Affrètements. Flight operations began on 25 July 1966 with two Sud Caravelle and two Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft. These flew charters from Paris to the Mediterranean. The airline changed its name on 8th Dezember 1969 to Air Charter International (ACI). In 1971 ACI operated a fleet of seven Caravelle and carried about 420.000 passengers. The first two Boeing 727-200 were introduced in 1972. Transatlatic charter flights to the USA and Canada were offered from 1982 onwards with leased Boeing 747-200 aircraft operated by Air France. In 1984 the airline name was shortened to Air Charter. As the business grew, the first widebody aircraft was introduced in 1988, the Airbus A300B4. By the mid 1990s, the 727s were replaced by the Airbus A320. With the merger of Air France and Air Inter in 1998, Air Charter had served its purpose and services were discontinued on 24 October 1998.

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