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Nigeria Airways
Nigeria Airways

Nigeria Airways Ltd., more commonly known as Nigeria Airways, is a defunct Nigerian airline. The company was founded in 1958 after the dissolution of West African Airways Corporation. It was wholly owned by the Government of Nigeria, and served as the country's flag carrier. The airline was headquartered in Abuja. Nigeria Airways operated under the IATA airline code WT and the ICAO airline code NGA; the carrier's callsign was NIGERIA. The airline logo consisted of the Nigerian flag with a green elephant named Skypower in its centre.[

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Boeing B 747-236B Nigeria Airways 1980 G-BDXO
"1980s" Colors. With Small "British Airways" Titles.
Aviation 400 : AV4742003 | 1:400 scale | 240 pieces Worldwide | read more...

AeroClassics : ACGANUA | 1:400 scale | 320 pieces Worldwide | read more...

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Nigeria Airways 1970 5N-ANN
"1970s" Colors. Named "Yunkari". With Polished Belly.
AeroClassics : AC5NANN | 1:400 scale | 360 pieces Worldwide | read more...

Aviation 400 : AV4DC1003 | 1:400 scale | 240 pieces Worldwide | read more...

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