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Bombardier CRJ100
Bombardier CRJ100

The CL-600 design was stretched 5.92 meters (19 feet 5 inches) to create the CRJ100, with fuselage plugs fore and aft of the wing, two more emergency exit doors, plus a reinforced and modified wing. Typical seating was 50 passengers, the maximum load being 52 passengers. The CRJ100 featured a Collins ProLine 4 avionics suite, Collins weather radar, GE CF34-3A1 turbofans with 41.0 kN (4,180 kgp / 9,220 lbf), new wings with extended span, more fuel capacity, and improved landing gear to handle the higher weights. It was followed by the CRJ100 ER subvariant with 20% more range, and the CRJ100 LR subvariant with 40% more range than the standard CRJ100. The CRJ 100 SE sub-variant was produced to more closely meet the needs of corporate and executive operators.

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Bombardier CRJ100ER Air France Regional / BritAir F-GRJU
"1990s" Colors. With additional "by Brit Air" titles.
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Bombardier CRJ100ER Air Littoral 1990 F-GPTK
Late "1990s" Colors. With Cockpit Window Frames. With Scaled Gear.
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